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Moldavite hunting trip to Czech Republic - Fall 2017

13th January 2018 by Mike Petrov

Being one of our favorite and most unusual stones, we decided to go to the source of this Meteorite-formed gemstones to Czech Republic. Hope you enjoy some pictures from the trip. My grandfather joined us from Siberia, so we had 3 generations of gem-hunters on the hunt! Read Full Article

Denver Gem Show 2017 Review

31th October 2017 by Mike Petrov

A little bit late, but here is a review with some pictures from the Denver gem and mineral show, September 2017 Read Full Article

10 Facts about Herkimer Diamonds

09th August 2017 by Elena Petrova

We have just acquired the largest collection of Herkimers we have ever had, and wanted to share some interesting facts about this wonderful stone. Read Full Article

Moroccan Amethyst

21th July 2017 by Mike Petrov

An interesting read by the GIA about the Moroccan Amethysts that are hitting the market Read Full Article

10 Facts Aboute Phenakite -

10 Facts Aboute Phenakite

12th June 2017 by Elena Petrova

We are starting a new series of interesting an unique facts about various gemstones, and we are starting with one of the most unusual clear stones - Phenakite!!! Read Full Article

Montreal Show Summary Spring 2017

19th April 2017 by Mike Petrov

A review of the gem and mineral show in Montreal on April 7-9, 2017 Read Full Article

Identifying your gemstone, calculatig its weight and obtaining its value.

24th October 2016 by Mike Petrov

This article will help explain how to identify a gemstone you have but don't know what it is, how to calculate its weight and how to go about getting an idea of its worth. Read Full Article

Bancroft gem show 2016 -

Bancroft gem show 2016

09th August 2016 by Mike Petrov

One of the funnest shows of the year, held on Civic Weekend in end of July, here is our summary of the gem show, and the whole week in general :) Enjoy Read Full Article

Sudbury Gem and Mineral show 2016 -

Sudbury Gem and Mineral show 2016

22th July 2016 by Mike Petrov

Once again its July!! Middle of the month, 2016, and we pack the car and get ready for one of our favorite drives up north to Sudbury, for the annual gem and mineral show. Read Full Article

2016 Gem and Mineral Show Schedule -

2016 Gem and Mineral Show Schedule

04th July 2016 by Mike Petrov

You can come see us at these wonderful shows in 2016 Read Full Article